The Interruption

He stands before her proud and hard, his cock straining the front of his jeans.  It’s the kind of hardness most men know, but is often reserved for the younger men.  However, at times a man’s hunger can resurrect that youthful steel of his past.  He boldly runs his hand along his member, tracing its outline in the denim, the way he knows makes her ache.

Her eyes locked on his as she opens her firm thighs.  He moves closer wanting more, a confident smile momentarily flashes across his lips. She feels a familiar tingle between her legs, she removes her shorts and spreads wide for him as he firmly instructs her to.

As he leans in she can feel his warm breath from across the room.  He walks to her and standing over her body, his eyes take in her every curve and muscle as he strokes himself.  She can feel his primal hunger and she is ready to be his prey.  Heart pounding through her chest, a light sheen of wetness now covers her throbbing lips.  She reaches down and lightly strokes herself.  She can actual feel herself involuntarily flexing herself in anticipation of him.

Just as he’s about to take her they hear them.  Movie is over, the house is now filled with the banter of children and their curious minds and eyes.

Like responsible parents they heed the calls of their names…  Mom and Dad…

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