Fulfilling a Need

I am kneeling behind her, my hardness ready, straining and waiting patiently.  I meet her eyes in our door mirror.  She said she disliked all the mirrors in calm waters, but in her time of need I see the truth she hides from the world.  The truth she tries, unsuccessfully, to hide from me.  I know how to draw out her truth.  On all fours, and through her drapes of blonde and brown waves, I can see and feel the heat of her growing frustrated need.

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She pushes back slightly but his hard, working calloused hands on her hips hold her off.  She has been teased, mercilessly, by him.  He finds it amusing and smiles at her in the mirror with a cocky smirk.  She bristles, but her need controls her emotions right now. His confident smile only makes her need worse.  The wetness dripping down her thighs, as he teased her sex with his tongue, has left its mark on their bed sheets. She remembers the waves he gave her to ride and feels a familiar tingling building.  He runs his hand tenderly over the length of her back and around her firm bottom, which he kisses lightly at first and then so deeply a low moan escapes her body.

Image result for black and white erotica

I decide her teasing is over.  It is time to fill her need…and mine…

Mike D

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